Best Dutch hotspot of meat lovers

For all meat lovers in Amsterdam, the must-visited hotspot is Meat West. This is the place where you will be delighted to find the best combination of grill techniques and the best meat along with the fresh ingredients and the inevitable result you will get in front of your table- the truly relishing Meat West experience. The place is truly worthy to visit as focus has been put on each and every minute detail on the entire process- from the beginning of your meal to its end, from the right choice of your glass of wine to ultimate medium rare, from open grills to meat ripening cabinets. You will be literally crazy about the special selections of its signature meat dishes.

Located in the De Hallen, the restaurant will catch your glance right from its entrance to view the eye catching meat prices before you explore them at your plate. Undoubtedly the interior of the restaurant is very stylish and the cost of its plates is affordable too. Therefore, the restaurant is the best gastronomic point to satisfy your urge for delicious cuisines especially its signature dish the Côte de Boeuf.