The Antwerpen comic icon

Situated in St. Jacobs Market 73, Antwerp the Mekanik Strip is an almost celebrated comic book store which is successfully fulfilling the responsibity to save the Antwerp icon. The duo founders of the store Linda Torfs and Jan Van Damme are two strip freaks who are known to each other for years and run the store all by themselves.

The Mekanik Strip has created a phenomenon in the business of comic shop as it sells ten thousands of comic books, t-shirts, dolls and all kinds of comic’s related gadgets. Today Mekanik Strip’s reputation has spread so worldwide that customers from all over the Europe and even from the United States often visit the place.

Mekanik Strip started its comic’s journey in 1983, since then they store has taken a big colorful shape. Then the founders decided that it is now the time for bulging out of the store and that is why the responsibility of the store has been handed over to Jens Lambrigts and his friend Kim Wuyts who are maintaining the same atmosphere with some slight changes. However, for the customers there are hardly any changes in the ambience of the shop.