Fantastic art within the beauty of grounds

In the year 1950, a successful international level open-air sculpture exhibition took place in Middlelheim Park of Antwerp. Since then, the expansive exhibition place has become the permanent venue to present creative beauty in the artistic form of sculptures. Now the park prides itself with its impressive collection of approximately 400 works of modern sculptures. You will find every year some addition of new works in the collection and the journey that started with the works of Auguste Rodin, now has expanded with the artworks by the major artists such as Rik Wouters, Carl Andre, Panamarenko, Henry Moore, Erwin Wurm, Franz West, Juan Muñoz and many more.

Every year, this open-air museum takes the initiative to invite the contemporary artists in an artistic dialogue for the permanent collection within the park environment that results impressive and high-profile performances by the reputed artists as well as the promising younger ones. Such new creations are being frequently added within the permanent collection of the museum. The vast green space of the park is divided into two sections- the southern part of the Middelheim Hoog containing works from the 19th century and the Middelheim Laag, the home of largest contemporary artworks.