Holzstraße 28
80469 München

  + 49 89 18923101

© Image Courtesy of Milla Club

Club that takes you to 90’s Berlin

Live club music, disco and bar- Milla has all those ordinary things that make this club extraordinary. Few days ago, the Milla Club has shifted to its new location in Holzstraße in the former riverbed. Actually, from your first visit you will feel surprised with the size of the room, as it doesn’t fit to be a disco. Moreover, there is a slight skewed floor so it is advisable to hold your drink properly. But it is actually the atmosphere that has made the place so special.

For a long time, Milla remained as the long-kept secret of Munich but in these days, it is considered as one of the places for jazz jam sessions and indie concerts. You will be amazed to explore the 90’s Berlin within this modern Munich. In the vicinity of the club, there are still the Flex, the your Mudda and Beverly Kills. If no concert takes place, Milla is served as a normal bar. So, whether you want to enjoy your drinks by sitting comfortably and listening to the music or just dance, Milla Club is for everyone with its extremely impressive atmosphere.