Erftstrasse 29,
50672 Cologne
  +49 221 2401289

© Image Courtesy of  Mirko Mayer M Projects

Perfect location for contemporary art

Through the Mirko Mayer M Projects, placement of contemporary art in the modern society has been described quite naturally. Both the international players in addition to young artists have been represented from this space. From different locations of the world such as Germany, Israel, USA and Australia, artists have come and exhibited their art work. Therefore, location of the artists in the modern world cannot be considered as a hindrance.

As an art connoisseur, you can be quite amazed by looking at the collection of art work within the gallery. However, the gallery has mainly featured art work from artists who have different kinds of specialization. Surrounding area of the gallery has been utilized often in order to enhance the beauty of illustration naturally. Diverse ranges of art forms have been amalgamated within this space for an excellent result.

If you have decided to visit the Mirko Mayer M Projects then the space can be found in the heart of Cologne easily. Several other projects are showcased here in addition to M project and main exhibition. Therefore, possibility of disappointment cannot be seen on the cards.