Reeperbahn 1,
20359 Hamburg,
+49 40 3191999

© Image courtesy of Mojoclub

A night with soulful experiments

With its significant “M” logo, the Mojo Club has become the continental platform for the progressive club sounds during 1990s. It is the explicit jazz destination that is the intake of club evening for more than 25 years. In 1989, the little sapling of the club started its journey in the realm of jazz and now it has grown to a remarkable tree as it is now one of the prime lights of Hamburg nightlife. Furthermore, the fame of the Mojo Club is so extensive that it has been now uplifted to the standard of international reputation similar like the Star Club.

The club allows adults from 21 years to its jazz platform as it presents the German voice on jazz to its dance floor and the mastermind of contemporary break beat sounds like Acid Jazz.  The club’s highly innovative cultural color has become deeper with the successful club compilations “Dancefloor Jazz” and “Electric Mojo”. It is the platform for innumerous artists for years as Gokul Vaika, Moloko, Pizzicato Five, Massive Attack, the E-Z Rollers, the Propellerheads, Goldie, Roni Size and Kruder & Dorfmeister and so on who have uplifted the club ranking among the leading characters of German club culture.