Traveling far north

Delightful presentation of Scandinavian lifestyle is offered through Moose in the City. By visiting this retail store, your travel to far north can be completed in less time. Both the quality and designs are combined together in order to offer best possible choice for the visitors. It is a concept store that provides a unique experience. In the corners, you can easily locate clothes in addition to books and trendy accessories. Through adequate styling and extensive range of products, it has managed to create a link between the north and remaining part of Europe.

In the core of the design, it is possible to locate both ease and functionality. Innovation styles of Scandinavia have been given new meaning with the designs of this shop. From the top of the stack, you can certainly have a view of clothing line from Sweden, Norway and Netherland. Perfect protection from the snow, rain and wind can be acquired from this shop. Unique pieces of ear mulls, shoes, thermal underwear and hats are specialty of this place. Clothes generally come with a hint of adventure and sporty look. Apart from the dark colored rain coats, pink and light green rain coats are quite popular as well.