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© Image Courtesy of  Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Shows love for history

Stopover at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe is a must for the travelers while visiting to the city of Hanseatic. Treasures of handicrafts, cultural history, photography and design have been placed here to give pleasure. By going through the exhibition, traveler can easily immerse in to Japanese Cultures and skills of photography. From the days of antiquity to modern era, large collection of art can be found. Prominent focus has been given to posters and photography from Rome and Greece especially. Great representation of Islamic art has been offered from middle age Europe to present day.

Through famous exhibits of the museum, a great insight of history can be acquired. Huge deal of faience and porcelain collection can be found. It has included East Asian tea ceramics. Photography and poster collection attracts lots of people in to the periphery of museum as well. Vivid impression of home decoration from ancient time has been presented with this gallery.

Fashion and textile is also one of the parts of the museum. Pieces of clothing from medieval era and Egypt have been showcased in order to take you back to ancient world naturally. Specimens of these museums are changed at regular intervals.