Become a witness of medical history

In the heart of city London, a gem can be found in the form of Old Operating Theatre. However, delight is offered exclusively to brave heart. The location is placed under the shades of London Bridge. It has been considered as one of the secret places of city hidden under the St Thomas’s Church. Location can be found quite unexpectedly opposite to the Guy’s Hospital. Due to a construction with steel and glass, it has attracted attention from the travelers from all over the world.

From the year 1822 to 1862, women have gone through surgical procedure within this operation theatre. It can be considered as one of the witnesses for evolution of medical procedure. Previously, operations are executed without anesthesia. As an attendance, lots of dignitaries have graced the place. Due to relocation of St Thomas Hospital, the placed has remained unused from 1957.

Presently, it has been used as a museum to educate people about the history. Charitable trust has been formed for welfare. For a kid, it can be considered as a magical place that can be remembered after decades.