The finest art of mixing drinks

In Cologne you may explore several drinking places that are well decorated and will offer diverse range of drinks. But Ona Mor in Cologne stands apart from them as you have to consider it as the smartest bar in Cologne. May be by its location, at first you will mistake it as a student bar as it is situated in the neighborhood of Zülpicher Strasse, but after taking a visit to Ona Mor, you must it as a chic cocktail den that will serve you numerous exclusive drinks made of confidential recipes.

The taste of all its drinks seem new and fresh as they serve products only made of fresh and premium ingredients and these are all innovative and original drinks that will be presented with the yummy truffle popcorn on the side. Even you will be amazed to find the savoury notes in most of the drinks of the bar with the ingredients like liquirice, cucumber and black pepper. The item Green Invasion not only sounds charming, but the drink is also truly impressive as it pairs with the vodka with pistachio and crème de cacao for a nice treats.