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© Image courtesy of Palazzo del Ghiaccio

Living the dream

The Palazzo del Ghiaccio or the Ice Palace is the largest sports compound in Milan. Constructed in 1923 in Porta Vittoria, the wonderful, Liberty-style building has remained the centre of attraction for both sportspersons and visitors. The complex was given a facelift in 2007 when it was completely renovated and restored.

The restoration’s major aim was to give a completely white appearance to the structure, so it can come in harmony with the colour of ice. The sports complex hosts wide-ranging events throughout the year, especially ice sports and shows. Additionally, the venue is used to organise fun and entertainment events and activities.

The reasons for using Palazzo del Ghiaccio as the venue for sports and entertainment include its set design, stand design, logistics through the selective network catering suppliers, technical advice, lighting, audio, video, interpreters, and supporting staff.