Coalescing plant, life & culture

The wonderful amalgamation of plant, life and culture has created a heaven at the heart of Frankfurt city in Palmengarten. This emblem is the main reason of uniqueness of this garden and the functionality of the community. Since its starting, it is the home of almost all kinds of plants where the visitors can be amazed to discover the interesting variety of botanical world in this educational, social and cultural institution in Frankfurt. Decorated with green spaces and paths with deckchairs, the while diversity of thematic gardens and the greenhouses will be presented right before you in this botanical garden. In addition, the Palmengarten is the center for regular hosting of concerts and musical performances in order to provide the diverse opportunity for social entertainment, recreation and relaxation.

In its 140 years of history, the Palmengarten remains as an eyewitness of the most diverse development through massive expansion and modernization. Now more than 13,000 subtropical and tropical species along with the 1200 sq.m cactus garden delight the visitors in its theme garden and arranged vegetations.