Pleasure Doing Business….

For Panama, the age old saying ‘growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional’ is appropriate as the place has some secret qualities that have turned the place into the ideal location for corporate events, conference, presentations, receptions, fashion shows and meetings. The place facilitates with a club or theatre and studio with the total capacity for 1,050 people. The staffs and employees of Panama host the different types of tailored programs that lead towards the memorable event experience. That’s why all its customers come back again and again to throw the parties, events and reception in this place only.

The codes of Panama are sophistication and style though you will be able to enjoy the chilled and unpretentious atmosphere with the DJs spin electric tunes and the throngs piling for the pre drinks. Nothing is comparable with the hot-bed frantic energies of the weekend nights as the bands play deep into the night. Whatsoever, the restaurant Mercat in the same building also has added attraction of the place for organizing several fantastic events such as SBS 6 ENDEMOL, Fashion Show “You know yourself”, Poet Laureate, SpinAwards, ABN AMRO and many others.