Wave of Concept Store

Through tradition and old world charm world of retail scene in Austria has been described. However, it has not managed to surpass the craze of concept stores. It has arrived at Vienna, capital city of Austria with Park. Ultra modern client has been satisfied with the collection of the store. It has added to new dimension to city’s appeal. Interior, art and fashion have been amalgamated with the Park. Concrete floor of the store has been contrasted French furniture from Pre-War Industrial era. Through soft lighting, a mysterious and cozy environment has been created. Through ambience of the store, modern era has been given a tribute.

In order to open retail scene of the city for the top class designer, concept of the store has arisen in the mind. Through interesting and attractive collection, more numbers of clients have been influenced to make a visit within periphery of the shop. Previously, demands of dresses from international designers have been managed through shopping portals and mails. Due to advent of Park, there is no need to go elsewhere. Assortment of clothes can be seen and bought from the same place.