Via Stilicone, 10,
+39 02 8706 7410

© Image courtesy of Peep Hole

Presenting art through a different angle

Situated in Via Stilicone 10, Peep Hole is a non-profit art centre founded by art curators Anna Daneri, Bruna Roccasalva and Vincenzo de Bellis in 2009. The centre started its journey with the mission to introduce new ways of showing art to the people, so they can take a closer look at each artist’s unique creations and practices. To achieve its goals, Peep Hole runs a responsive programme that includes exhibitions, lectures, publications and conversations for visitors and the general public.

The quality that makes Peep Hole different from other art galleries is its effort to replace the superstructures with a strong relationship between artistic works and their viewers. If you are visiting Milan, this place should be on your must-visit list. It displays unique projects completed by international artists from diverse backgrounds.

Peep Hole has played greater role in the promotion of Italian art and culture. It sticks religiously to approaches and techniques that can forge an artistic network for international connections and exchanges. Some popular art projects of Peep Hole include works by Mario Garcia Torres, Alicja Kwade, Dalia Dudenaite and Evangelia Spiliopoulou.

Other Words, Mario Garcia Torres, Alicja Kwade, Dalia Dudenaite and Evangelia Spiliopoulou and many more who have contributed a lot to gain the immense glory of Peep Hole.