Profession: Student/model/poet
Origin: Belgium
City: Antwerp
Education: Latin-Science, starting Philosophy at the University of Antwerp this year


Why do you do what you do? Because I love what I do. Although I’m still pretty young and trying to find my way in this beautiful world, I just do what I love and love what I do. I write a lot of poetry because that enables me to understand myself and my emotions better. I decided to start studying philosophy to broaden my view on life and to learn to ask the right questions and to reason. But most of all I love to travel, so whatever I am doing at a certain time I’m always looking forward to my next big journey around parts of the world that I haven’t seen, felt, tasted and smelled yet.
And oh yeah, if there’s something in my life that bothers me, I go change it or accept it the way it is.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? Most of the work I create has a dark character. This doesn’t mean I am a dark or negative person, actually the contrary is true; I find myself in a very positive vibe and if my surroundings aren’t in the same vibe I try to make them flow into my vibe. Life is about adapting anyway. You adapt to things and things adapt to you. So my style also adapts to the flow of my life. In my past my lifestyle and my state of mind were very dark and I was not aware of all the beauty happening around me. So my style of writing and thinking followed that state of mind and became negative and depreciatingly; it was very subjective and unclear. While now I find myself on a cloud of positivity I still have a very cynic and dark way of writing and acting (not thinking anymore, my thinking became very positive and clear), but now it’s not that subjective anymore because I have a very clear view of myself and the world by sitting on that cloud.

Where do you get inspiration from? The whole universe, everything, even things I consciously am not aware of. But I am sure those things have their way of crawling into my subconscious. I believe that all that has happened to you, even things you don’t really remember and things that didn’t happen to you directly, have an influence on what you want to create and what you eventually do create. But off course the more direct things that happened to me have the biggest impact on what I write, think and create. Especially when I started spending my time to art (this was 5 years ago) it was only my direct environment that became subject to my art because I was still closed-minded. Events like relationships, love and school were the roots of subjects such as erotica, frustration, anger for society, misunderstood feelings and drugs. Later my eyes started looking at things such as nature and community, and eventually subjects like awareness, friendship, time, the universe, people, cultures, cities, this whole world as one, unity and unconditional love. This was after I started modeling (which broadened my view on the world because of all the different individuals I met), traveling. It was then that I also started to meditate and was introduced to Buddhism.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? Definitely the big variety of people and minds you meet. Especially in the fashion industry I met a lot of interesting spirits. Besides all the parasites I had to eliminate from my social world, there are quite a lot of people who had a big influence on opening my mind.

Has your style develop/change over the time being active? If yes, how? See question 2 (Could you describe your style and how it developed?)

Who would you like to work with? I know the chance is almost zero, but I’d love to work with David Lynch one day.

What is your idea of success? Being able to develop yourself and your talents and being able to earn a living by doing what you love (I know it sounds cliché, haha). Next to that I also believe a good and trustful social world is very important in order to be happy. And I believe a certain way of meditation in each life can help you to achieve your goals and accept misfortune.

Is there a message that you are trying to portray through your work? Off course there is, I think every artist wants to send something to the world and to himself. Through my poetry and plays I try to make people think about the life they’re living and how they spend their time on this planet. I don’t only try to open the eyes of others but also and maybe more important my own eyes, for writing is reflecting. So the first person I try to make understand what I’m saying always is myself.

Do you believe it is important to raise artistic awareness in your country? I’m sure this is an important thing to do but not necessarily required because I believe art raises itself and it makes others to be aware of art. Also, Belgium has already a big amount of young people that are looking for their own artistic character.

In your opinion, how important is it to culturally educate through art? Very important and necessary because art expresses a lot of cultural discussions and feelings in a society. So a good way to try to understand culture is through art.


Agency: Tomorrow is Another Day
Instagram: ramsenco