Profession: Student (webdevelopment), semi-professional graphic artist, freelance model
Origin: Dutch
City: Groningen
Education: Web & Mobile Services at Hanze University Groningen, Gymnasium at Zuyderzeecollege


Why do you do what you do? I study web development, because it’s one of my – many – hobbies. It has been since I was a child. Building websites is quite satisfying work; it takes a lot of time and effort to get a good looking and working website because of the many codes that have to be written (and the errors that can be made!). Moreover, it’s a combination of being creative and thinking logically – which both draw my attention.
I’m also active in the graphic branch. One thing that differentiates me from others, is my work as a portrait artist. This began as a way of spending my time after I got my diploma and quickly turned into something that I could see as a job. People started asking if I could draw someone or something for them – a family member, an idol, a handshake, you name it. Nowadays I’ve built quite a portfolio because of the many commissions that I’ve done, and I still love doing it!

I think that I can, generally, describe the reason that I do what I do (being creative in several branches), is because I can. I am aware of the fact that talent and opportunity should not be taken for granted. The reminder for this is something that I always carry around with me: the scars of meningitis that I had as a baby, which almost caused for me not to be here today. I realise that I am one incredibly lucky person and that’s why I’m intending to get the most out of the things that life gives me – how corny it may sound. And apart from that, it’s something I can do for hours, days, weeks without wanting to stop until it’s perfect. And when the moment is there, and I can look at the product I’ve made with pride, it will be worth all the time and effort I’ve put in it.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? In drawing, the style that I mostly tend to use is drawing realistically. I’m always trying to achieve that photorealistic effect: that a person needs to look a second time to realise that it’s a drawing and not a picture. To accomplish this effect, you need to have the perfect combination of techniques, materials and skills. Especially an eye for detail and patience are essential.
What I love about this style, is firstly the element of surprise: people’s reaction when then realise it’s a drawing is priceless. It’s also beautiful how you can capture a person: portraits can be extremely powerful and representative for the person that’s on it.

Where do you get inspiration from? I get my inspiration from different things. Most times it’s from another artist. Seeing someone’s drawings makes me want to draw. Other times I see a beautiful picture of which I think ‘This would be awesome for a drawing’.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? It’s getting to work with all kinds of people. Creative people tend to look at things in their own, unique way and this can be so fascinating. When I speak with a creative person, most times this person can give me a point of view that’s completely different from my own. And I can learn from that, expand my own horizon.

What is your idea of success? Being successful means two things to me. First, it’s being happy with what you do. Having you hobby as you daily job, that’s success for me. And the second way of being successful is having a positive effect on others with what you do. Think of bringing a smile to people’s faces, and helping and inspiring people.


Instagram: esmeraldavdaalen