Profession: Hair & make-up artist
Origin: Dutch
City: Haarlem
Education: International Business & Management / Make-up & hairstyling courses


Why do you do what you do? Make-up has always been a passion of mine. It started as a hobby and I never thought about doing it as a job until I started a course out of curiosity and discovered it’s much more fun than I ever imagined. This work has already brought me so much, from meeting people and seeing places to spark my creativity.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? When I finished my course I loved doing make-up. The more make-up, the better. After a while I leaned more towards the natural look, and appreciating what goes into a look that doesn’t seem to involve a lot of effort (even though it does). At the moment I enjoy creating anything interesting, from a no-make-up look to an extreme outside-the-box look. After doing a session styling course in Amsterdam I really started to enjoy doing hair as well. A new world opened for me, one that I could never appreciate before because I didn’t understand enough what I was doing. I can still be amazed with a look that I’ve created, and fall in love with the small things like the way a strand of hair falls or a highlight catching the light.

Where do you get inspiration from? Literally everywhere. From the colours of a butterfly to the shapes of a cloud, from a beautiful location, artwork or song, to seeing an artist do what he or she does best.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? It’s amazing what you can create with so many artistic minds around you. I love being inspired and people almost pulling out the creativity in me. It doesn’t feel like work but more like playtime when you’re in your element.

What do you wish you knew about your business before you got started? How difficult it can be. No fixed income, having to fight for every job or client, fake people everywhere. How each job is like a new job application. But on the other hand, the unexpected is exciting and what you get in return for the efforts is priceless.

Has your style develop/change over the time being active? If yes, how? I am a perfectionist in my work. I used to always strive for the perfect eye liner and perfect lip but now I’m trying to let things go as I adore imperfections on people more than perfection. Creating something unexpected and interesting is way more challenging but fulfilling than just a beautiful look.

Who would you like to work with? I would love to stand side by side with the pro’s Pat McGrath, Val Garland, Eugene Souleiman or Guido Palau just to name a few. I’d also be curious to work behind the scenes of a Hollywood horror movie just to see what that’s like. And finally to work with my favourite actor Tom Hardy surely wouldn’t be a punishment.

What is your idea of success? To keep the curiosity of wanting to grow and explore and continue to enjoy the work you do.

Is there a message that you are trying to portray through your work? Not really a message, I’d like people to have an opinion, whether it be good or bad. People finding my work interesting would be more important than them finding it beautiful.

Do you believe it is important to raise artistic awareness in your country? Yes. Because of technique nowadays people get lazy and jobs get replaced by machines. It’s too easy to live like a zombie and let each day pass by the same, or base everything solely on budgets. It’s time to not let automatic behaviour take over but just create awesome things.

In your opinion, how important is it to culturally educate through art? I think it’s very important as it is very interesting to see cultural diversity in art. From way back when to now. And how people mix and match and fuse their own style into something new. If everything was the same it would get boring very quickly. To quote CJ Rider: ‘Xerox copies, Artists Create.’


Instagram: @feleesha