Profession: Menswear designer & concept developer
Origin: The Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Education: Amsterdam Fashion Institute


Why do you do what you do? Since I was young I always had the urge to create stories. My profession allows me to create storie in many ways, not only in the clothing itself, but in term of show, photography, film and installation.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? I always describe my work as hypermasculine avantgarde darkwear. I started developing the style in my last year at school. I wanted to create the ultimate alpha male, after the first half year of my final year I found out that I wanted to take it even further and go for an absolute hypermale. Since then it became an obsession and an on going research project.

Where do you get inspiration from? My practical and visual inspirations comes mostly directly from the male body, I have my whole studio filled with pictures of bodybuilding and masculine bodies. The story telling part is always a reflection of the time in which I am living. How I feel and how that is in touch with the reality of today and my generation.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? Creating a story and working together with people to create a story.

What is your idea of success? My biggest reward is when a guy feels stronger and better in my work. I don’t even care what outsiders think of it visually. For my it is all about the psychological effect that my work can have on the wearer.