Profession: Visual Designer
Origin: Breda
City: Rotterdam
Education: Willem de Kooning Academie – Graphic Design


Why do you do what you do? Because I like it.
As a freelance designer I create interactive concepts, films, identities, websites & prints.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? I’m a visual designer who’s always on the hunt for new challenges
Without boundaries I search for new media & techniques to use.

Where do you get inspiration from? I live & design by instinct. Brands, artists & projects that inspire me.
Actually everywhere.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? Deadlines.

What do you wish you knew about your business before you got started? How to get what you want without losing your ideas.

Has your style develop/change over the time being active? If yes, how? Yes, first I started with graphic design & now I’m making interactive installations & films.

Who would you like to work with? Lennard & Sander, Daan Roosegaarde

What is your idea of success? When you’re feeling good while you’re making stuff.

Is there a message that you are trying to portray through your work? Sometimes but to little, love this question. I should think about it.

Do you believe it is important to raise artistic awareness in your country? Yes always, in every country.

In your opinion, how important is it to culturally educate through art? Good, but now I’m graduated I really feel free to do what I really want.


Agency: Hunted
Phone: +316 34 22 63 49