Profession: Fashion and Culture Journalist
Origin: German with some Spanish sprinkles from my father`s side.
City: Berlin
2004 – 2007: Education as a tailor
2007 – 2008: Art Department (equipment and costumes) for “Theater an der Parkaue” – Berlin youth state theatre
2008 – 2011: Bachelor-studies of Fashion Journalism and Media Communications at “Academy for Fashion & Design” in Berlin
2012 – 2014: Solely responsible editor of the style section of Berlin-based magazine “Quality”
since 09.2014: Master-studies of Culture Journalism at Berlin “University of the Arts”
since 2011: Freelance editor for magazines (“Fräulein”, “i like my style Quarterly” etc.) and author for Berlin newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” )


Why do you do what you do? Life kind of rushed me there. Fashion was always the way to go for me. Though I wanted to do design at first of course, I soon recognized that I`d rather discuss other people`s work and ideas than creating my own clothes. Also, I hated my sewing machine and my sewing machine hated me. So I ended up writing about fashion and I really love it. And furthermore: It is the only thing I am actually good at.

Could you describe your style and how it developed? I tried out a lot of different styles. I ended up quite conservatively in a way though others might disagree. It`s not easy for me to describe what my style is, but I can describe what I`m not: One of those people who work in fashion but say “I don`t follow any rules, I have my own style, I don`t care about trends.” I think it is dangerous and, quite frankly, pretty dumb to dissociate oneself from the fashion flow when you work in the industry. Fashion is about mutuality and not only about one`s wish for absolute individuality.

Where do you get inspiration from? Current design, costume history, youth cultures, movies and tv shows from the 80s, photography from the 70s, interior design from the 60s… Can be anything.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? Not knowing what you will do next day. And the worst part: Not knowing what you will do next day.

What do you wish you had known about your business before you got started? That it is 90% hot air and 10% substance. And that no one is waiting for you.

Has your style develop/change over the time being active? If yes, how? It began pretty muddled and shapeless, a bit trashy sometimes. But I brought it to a point where I know quite well what I can pull of and what to stay away from. I think it is important to establish some rules that work for your style. I very strongly believe in fashion rules! And I think setting goals can be a good way to develop a good style.

Who would you like to work with? Cathy Horyn and Tim Blanks when it comes to journalism, Linda Fargo for doing business with, and Miuccia Prada and Christophe Lemaire when it comes to design.

What is your idea of success? Enjoying what you do. And maybe getting attention and wage for it once in a while…

Is there a message that you are trying to portray through your work? Cara Delevingnes instagram-account or the blog of Karl Lagerfeld`s cat do not have anything to do with fashion. And that selfies and hashtags are killing us!

Do you believe it is important to raise artistic awareness in your country? Absolutely. I think it is important to raise artistic awareness in any country. But I think the world has some other problems at the moment. On the other hand art and even fashion can be good instruments to get attention for larger contexts. Life would be empty without them.

In your opinion, how important is it to culturally educate through art? I think that is a question everybody should answer for themselves. To me it is essential.



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Facebook: Manuel Almeida Vergara

Twitter: I don`t use twitter in private but I do twitter for Tagesspiegel under @tspmode.

Instagram: Instagram is the gateway to hell!