Profession: Hair & Makeup Artist
Origin: Austria
City: Vienna, Berlin
Education: Educated in hair & makeup in Vienna and Berlin


Why do you do what you do? Because I love it. It’s a miracle what you can achieve with makeup,

Could you describe your style and how it developed? I created my own style, which developed over the years within my education as well as working with established Hair & Makeup artist. Since I’m a Hair & Makeup artist my diverse experiences have taught me to create different looks and finishing touches. In creating each look I strive for perfection till the last touch, even in an out of bed look.

Where do you get inspiration from? Inspiration comes for example from the impressions of everyday life, which can be as simple as a ride in the ubahn. Part of the passion in this job is meeting new people and getting inspired by their personalities and different looks. I also involve the trends that are coming from the fashion industry, and include those in my creations.

What is the best part about working within the creative industries? Being able to do what I really love. Working with people all over the world, meeting inspiring people. Furthermore the creative industry never stands still, there is always new possibilities and ideas.

What do you wish you knew about your business before you got started? How much fun being your own creative boss is. :)

Has your style develop/change over the time being active? If yes, how? My style has definitely developed over the past years. First step is to learn all about the basics and after that you get inspired by every job that you make. For example, you often work in teams and each member has its own way of doing makeup, so you see different styles and add the best out of it to you own way of hair & makeup design.

Who would you like to work with? There are a lot of people that I’d love work with. This means anyone from the established Hair & Makeup artist, to photographers, stylists and actors, actresses and musicans that I admire.

What is your idea of success? Waking up in the morning and love going to work.

Is there a message that you are trying to portray through your work? There is not always a personal message, that I portray through my work. However depending on the subject there of course can be one.

In your opinion, how important is it to culturally educate through art? It is important to culturally educate through art. It’s what allows us to break out of how society sees and force you to see things. There is a message in every piece, and as a Makeup artist I’m adding to the art being created.


Facebook: Sabine Szekely