Exploring yourself in the kingdom of French pastry

Your Paris trip will remain incomplete if you will not taste the great Parisian pastry shop Pierre Hermé’s pastry. This great pastry shop is actually the initiation of the award winning and world famous French chef Pierre Hermé. It is obvious when this great pastry chef will create the spectacular pastries and seasonal desserts for his shop, it will be definitely a memorable experience to relish throughout your life. This exclusive and stylish pastry boutique has been furnished with great care for each of the minute detail; that’s why when you find the interior show cases and the gift boxes designed in French style you will be truly impressed.

Located in 72, rue Bonaparte, Paris the shop has become so popular that you will often find queue outside the shop. Visitors often purchase the shop’s desserts as their takeout gift of souvenir of their Paris trip. Here you can buy the tasty macaroon at just €1.50. Even the shop facilities the pastry lovers with placing order online and occasional delivery at €200.