Place yourself at the heart of city

Paris is almost synonymous with Eiffel Towel. By staying at the Platine, glimpse of the Eiffel Tower can be observed from the room as it is placed just between the monument and Parc dec Expositions. Shopping extravaganza can be taken to another level due to closeness from shopping district called Beaugrenelle. Through the atmosphere of the place, you can be taken back to the era of 50s. Montage of glamorous icons is placed all over the place in order to remind you the glorious past.

However, it has not remained in the past completely. Combination of retro and modern designs has been noticed with both the decoration and architecture. Through symbol of platinum blond, the hotel can be depicted perfectly. Journey of the movie star can be relieved once again through this space. Setting of Platine has taken it to another sphere.

Through the spa, you can experience the standard of this four star hotel. Every location can be reached easily as you are literally placed at the heart of the city. Embellishment with light has offered just enough luminance to retain the charm and visibility intact.