Embracing typography

The globally recognized Danish brand and designer agency e-Type has taken the initiative in 2010 to establish its type foundry and the result is Playtype. Here you will be amazed to explore the feature of its expert-level typeface designs in Playtype by creating the customized typefaces for several brands and corporations. Moreover, individual users and graphic companies are benefited to use its extensive library of fonts. The reputation of Playtype has been spread because of its services as for any project, it believes in providing different kind of and unique typefaces as the major ingredient for strong and modern visual identities.

As a customer, you will be benefited not only by its online type foundry and corporate business, but also Playtype has a flagship store in the city Copenhagen along with more than 150 reselling stores where the Playtype posters, mugs and many more are available around the whole world.  no matter whatever the format, Playtype is always ready to entertain you with magnifying and embracing the junctions between aesthetic compositions and typography in font design and beautiful staffs.