Creating a new chapter

By surprising the city people, one more restaurant has been added to the list 1300 restaurants with Pressroom. Through the modern interior of the restaurant, you can be given warm welcome in the place. It has created a perfect location both for the corporate and individuals. For a cup of coffee, it can be considered as a perfect location.

If you are a foodie then you may be delighted to observe the club sandwich with incorporation of bacon, avocado and crisp chicken. Sumptuous platters can be shared with meat, veggies and fish. In the basement of Dutch newspaper, De Tijd, Pressroom has been created with bundle of inspiration from its glorious past. Main pillars behind the decoration of this restaurant are stories, ink and time. One of the stories has been added to the establishment with the Pressroom. Staff in the establishment has been recognized as characters. It may be equated with the book.  Typing machines and paper rolls have been utilized to create the interior design through precision. Standard menu has been ignored in this restaurant.