Kapuzinergasse 22,
40213 Düsseldorf,

+49 30 25922702

© Image courtesy of Pretty Lush

Redefining fashion with charming rock

Flourished at Mertensgasse in the heart of the old town Düsseldorf, the Pretty Lush Store is a unique of its kind as here you will be able to explore the fashion attitude in charming rock style which is not least resulting from its location. The store stands out from several big chains as it is ever ready to attract you with several big labels such as Cheap Monday, Eleven Paris, Just Female, Ivy Lee, Rockamora and Dr.Denim Jeansmakers and what not!! It has created its own fashion statement not only by clothing but also by accessories like sunglasses and shoes.

It is the utmost care in the selection of its wide range of fashion collection that has made its unique from other shops. Moreover, its atmosphere at the counter bar has undoubtedly some special attraction that will compel you to visit the shop again and again. One of the highlighted features of the Pretty Lush Store is its leather jacket with the Düsseldorf Labels Tigha that has been presented from the beginning and now it is being globally recognized.