Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Dusseldorf

© Image courtesy of Pretty Portal

Specialist of street art

Düsseldorf is the city of art where you will experience the boasting of art in more than 100 galleries. Among those 100 galleries’ list one is the “Pretty Portal” which is unique as art platform for the promising works of young artists even before they have become famous.

Keeping the earlier day’s tradition the gallery still lies within the students’ quarter of Bilk which is very close to the city center. The gallery owner Klaus Rosskothen has been displaying remarkable collection on urban and contemporary art since 2007. Actually, the owner Rosskothen was inspired by the idea of urban art where the street artists generally present their concepts and ideas about art using the public areas without any prompt. Due to their urban surroundings, their artworks are acknowledged as “urban art”. Here, in the Pretty Portal Gallery such artists are getting the place to express their art forms. Hence, the gallery acts like a meta-level between street and classical exhibition space.

In this fast pacing new art movement, the Pretty Portal Gallery also presents the paintings, collages, drawing, video installation, sculpture and photographs from various international artists as well as Düsseldorf-based graffiti artist Kj 263.