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50667 Köln,
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© Image Courtesy of PRISKA PASQUER

A dome of art

In case you are looking for a gallery that has completely invested them within the periphery of contemporary and modern art then it is better to look in the sphere of Priska Pasquer. However, gallery has tried to create a distinction between the arts from different era quite naturally. By entering in to the world of digital revolution, art has changed severely. Through an effort art from the 20th century has been collected in this gallery as well.

Since the inception of the gallery in the 2000, the gallery has attracted the attention of the people. At the core of this gallery, it is possible to locate a thought of artist of classic modernist. As the gallery has tied up with several collectors, lots of art work has been featured quite naturally. In order to showcase the change through eras, the art work has been divided in three major groups with the title of 1920 and 30s, 1960s and 1970s in addition to 20th century. The place has been considered best for the study of art. Therefore, students of art often come here.