The largest fashion institute in the Netherlands

AMFI is currently the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands. More than 100 lecturers teach more than 1100 students about all aspects of the fashion world. AMFI is also the only fashion institute in the Netherlands that covers the entire fashion chain. This ensures our students to have a broad perspective of the fashion industry. They choose to specialise in either Fashion & DesignFashion & Management or Fashion & Branding. AMFI offers all its programmes in Dutch as well as in English. Students graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion & Textile Technologies.



AMFI’s education covers all facets of fashion from developing a raw idea to a product and an image. Students are taught to understand the entire fashion chain and their specific discipline in a wider perspective. With a reality school concept we are combining creativity, research, craftsmanship and technology to prepare our students for the future.


Fashion is a complex business of emotional and symbolic values framed within a commercial and international context. This perspective embraces the entire creative process of design, production, distribution and communication.

Reality School concept

AMFI has embraced the Reality School concept for students from all three programmes. We offer several programmes in which students develop professional products which are presented and sold in the market. For example in the iNDiViDUALS or Independent Fashion Magazine programmes, in the Fashion & Visual Cultureprogramme or by being a member of the creative team working in thebyAMFI Statement Store.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AMFI is part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. With 45,000 students it is the largest university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Being based in Amsterdam offers great advantages and these are well known among students. Also the closeness of the fashion industry makes the city centre the perfect base for AMFI. Many fashion companies have their (international) headquarters in Amsterdam, offering interesting work-placements for students.


Since 1992 AMFI has been housed in its own building on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam. The building was originally the headquarters of the Amstel Brewery and many of the original historic features have been retained in this listed building. However, being a fashion institute, there are many modern features, including the multimedia library, screen-printing rooms, computer rooms, moulage rooms, fabric-testing laboratory and a sewing room with modern industrial equipment.

An MA FEC at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute is intended for (new) fashion entrepreneurs who want to start a fashion business. The programme will provide students with a strong foundation in business research, management expertise, and provide training in all the essential components needed to start and operate a successful fashion enterprise.

  • Two years full-time study (four semesters)
  • From business proposal to operating business
  • Unique fashion entrepreneurship programme in the Netherlands
  • Courses operated in collaboration with London College of Fashion
  • Programme start September 2016
  • Tuition fees €8,500 per year


  1. Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a grade point average of  7 (2.1) or higher can apply. All classes are conducted in English; for non-native speakers an IETLS English language level of at least 6.5 is required.
  2. Applications include a proposal for a fashion business with a focus on clothing. This business could be a range/collection, but may also be a store, publishing platform, or a service.
  3. Applications must also include a letter of motivation to join the programme. The best applications will be invited for an interview.
  4. Candidates will be accepted on the viability of their proposal. The criteria for acceptance will be based on innovation, commerciality, and fashion awareness.
  5. Applications are made and offers accepted throughout the year. Early application is advised.
  6. To request an application please fill out the form found here.

Course Details

Postgraduate Business Research
Develop data analysis skills in the context of starting a fashion business. Use primary and secondary research methods including quantitative, qualitative and visual research in order to understand the starting situation. Learn how to analyse, evaluate and disseminate research findings. This unit will consider research in a range of contexts relevant to the cultural and creative industries.

 Finance for Fashion
A deep introduction to the principles of entrepreneurial finance in the context of fashion, including managerial accounting, financial business plan theory and sources of financing.

 Innovation Management
Learn how valorisation of research outcomes create actionable insights for innovation in fashion enterprise. This unit focuses on new technologies and their impacts on the operating environment of SMEs in fashion.

Setting up a Fashion Business

Focus on the relationship of key areas of design research, finance, management and responsibility making the initial bridge between creativity and business.

Strategy and Strategic Patterns in Fashion

Develop a deep understanding of the fashion cycle and specifics of fashion organisations.

Business Plan Creation

Understand the elements required to create and complete a business plan. This plan forms the foundation of the personal development of the student throughout the two year study period.

Context of Branding

An introduction to the implications of branding for fashion entrepreneurs and the company’s stakeholders. Use case analysis skills to understand how brands operate in the market.


Identify user groups, complete competitor research and understand the opportunity for the brand in the current operating environment by finding and engaging potential customers.

Create a digital visual identity for the brand and build a strategy of how consumers will interact with this identity. Build a content marketing and social media plan for the brand.

Business Models

Explore how existing small and medium (fashion) businesses have developed innovative business models using case study analysis. Determine and test the company’s business model using feedback from potential customers and industry experts.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Understand the implications of IP for small fashion enterprises. Formulate strategies to protect the company’s intellectual property.

Investment Readiness

An introduction to venture capital and the various ways to secure financing for the growth of the company. Persuade a group of investors of the viability of the company’s business plan.

Product Vision

Development of a strong and clear vision for the product, service or range with accompanying merchandising and design plans.

Global Sourcing
Understand the implications of current issues surrounding global sourcing with a focus on sustainability. Develop a network of supplier contacts to build the company.

Development of appropriate prototypes and/or proof-of-concept for the proposed business.

 Collaborative Unit
This intensive unit provides students the opportunity to professionally network with industry at LCF in London. Pitch the business to international fashion industry experts. Exchange experiences with accomplished fashion entrepreneurs and MA FEC students from LCF.

 Major Postgraduate Project
This component will challenge, refine and enhance the business. Complete the business plan, launch and begin operating. Mentoring and tutorials are driven by the progress of the business. The outcome is an operational business.


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