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Konstfack is the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. Each year almost 1000 students are enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, Teacher Education programmes and Professional courses.
International University College
Konstfack is a university college with an international character. Our professors and teachers are recruited internationally and the students that participate in our Master’s programmes represent several continents. Konstfack has exchange agreements and joint projects with some 60 universities and colleges in more than 25 countries. Konstfack receives about 70 international students each year.
In the three-year Undergraduate Level for the Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts you can choose between seven different programs. Our two-year Master’s programmes offer preparation for careers or research and lead to the award of a Master’s (120 credits) degree in Fine Arts. Our teacher education gives you qualification to teach in either secondary (two subjects in grades 7–9) school or upper-secondary (two subjects) school. We also offer many courses for professionals.


Bachelor’s programmes

In the three-year Undergraduate Level (for the Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts) you can choose between seven different programmes.
Graphic Design & Illustration.The Bachelor’s programme in Graphic Design and Illustration offers preparation for an experiment-based, innovative and multidisciplinary career with a focus on individual expression.The programme is characterised by its combination of two subjects: Graphic Design and Illustration with equal weight and attention devoted to both. The teaching embraces three areas: Graphic Design (including typography), Illustration (including photographic images and graphics) and Moving Media (animation, video, web).
Industrial Design.In the Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Design you will learn to create products and services for the society of the future. As an industrial designer you use your knowledge of design, sustainability, the market and production to cooperate with others in creating solutions that are based on the wishes and needs of their users.A good industrial designer is interested in design and understands how things are used and the contexts to which they can belong. In Industrial Design at Konstfack you will be given training in creating high quality design proposals with their own explicit expression methodically and exploratively.


Interior Architecture & Furniture Design.We educate interior architects so that they will be able to use their creative abilities, responsibility and empathy to communicate with and work for people and the world around us. An interior architect works with the design of large and small spaces, both indoors and in the open air.This task is related to human beings and the functions and experiences they need. The links between spatial shape and volume, light and colour, material and furniture, how spaces change over time, are maintained and finally recycled are frequent concerns.


Ceramics and Glass.The programme provides the basic knowledge and skills for a career in the fields of applied art in ceramics and glass.This craftsmanship offers a unique platform from which one can pose questions about and demonstrate alternatives to the age in which we live, both through actions and results. Our workshops provide the platform for our teaching. How we then formulate and communicate our work becomes the major challenge.The aim of the programme is to enable you to develop practical skills, critical and analytical capacity and artistic integrity. The three years of the Bachelor’s programme involve a gradual progression from focusing on material and techniques towards more independent and complex work in this area.


Fine Art.The starting point for the Bachelor’s programme in Fine Art is the artistic work of each individual student. The programme is based on optional choices and independent projects. The aim is to provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for a career as an artist.All of the teachers are professionally active artists or art theoreticians. Every year you will be allocated a new teacher to be your personal supervisor. Together you will produce an individual study plan and discuss


Textiles. In the programme you will be trained for a career in art and design based on textile materials and techniques.We provide a foundation for those who want to pursue careers as artists or designers in the field of textiles. Teaching is offered in a number of different areas with specialisation in, for instance, spatial or physical creation. Textiles is a discipline that offers openings for a great many different ways of working, a possibility in which new interfaces and approaches can be explored.Textile materials and techniques range from traditional handicrafts to high-tech industrial design.


Ädellab. We offer a programme that focuses on jewellery and corpus (silverware) as art forms. The teaching is based on gradual development in which you are encouraged through understanding of the historical background of this art form to explore its potential critically and creatively.We place great weight on the learning process and your individual development. We encourage our students to experiment with form, materials, techniques and problems.
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Teacher Education.

The Department of Visual Arts Education at Konstfack offers two teacher education programmes. We offer one 5-year programme for students who want to become teachers at upper secondary level, with Visual Arts as main subject and Media or Design as the second subject.Our other programme is a 4.5-year education to become teacher at secondary level in Visual Arts and Sloyd. This programme also gives qualification to teach Visual Arts at upper secondary school.The 5-year programme leads to a Degree of Master of Arts in Upper Secondary Education, and the 4.5-year programme leads to a Degree of Master of Arts in Secondary Education.
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Master’s Degree Programmes

Konstfack’s Master’s programmes offer challenges! Our two-year Master’s programmes offer preparation for careers or research and lead to a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (120 credits). The programmes are led by Konstfack’s professors and have both fixed directions and optional courses that offer you an opportunity to specialise and create your own programme that reflects your unique interests.

These are our four Master’s programmes:

The master’s programme in CRAFT! is a cooperation between the three subjects Ceramic & Glass, Textile and Ädellab at Konstfack. The programme perceives the making of crafts as a relevant method for questioning the current state of things.


The Master’s programme in Design is intended to augment your capacity to work experimentally and reflectively and both formulate and approach problems in a critical and artistic way. The specialisations Spatial Design and Individual Study Plan in Design offers you the opportunity to deepen and specialise in your field.


Fine Art
An individualised Master’s programme in fine art with a focus on strong self-reflection as well as development and intensification of your artistic project.


Visual Communication
A norm creative Master’s programme in visual communication with a focus on your own work in graphic design and/or illustration.
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Here are addresses and other contact details for Konstfack.

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The front desk’s opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (during the semesters)

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The Registrar’s office is responsible for opening mail, receiving and recording of incoming cases. The Registrar’s office help delivering public documents to the public and employees.
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