The art and culture of Germany are in safe hand

If you are really interested to explore the unique cultural taste of Cologne, one of the best places to know that is Projektraum Köln. Projektraum Köln or Kunstwerk Köln is located in Deutz-Mülheimer, Cologne, just next to the Köln Messe (The Trade Fair Centre). Throughout Germany, it is the largest studio building organized by its own tenants. The gallery is built by following the typical industrial trend as when you will come to explore the gallery, you will find certain part of this gallery is registered as the historical heritage of Germany.

The gallery is consisted with above 150 artists, musicians and artisans working in 15 rehearsal spaces, 80 studios and workshops. On the eve of the yearly event of “Lange Nacht der Museen” it is the tradition that all the doors of the museums and art spaces open for the public visit for one night, and people of the town take pleasure of all the studios of Projektraum Köln. In its 300m2 exhibition hall along with 300m2 event location, several exhibitions and events take place that enrich the importance of this cultural institution to a great extend.