The unexpected find in the East London venue

Do you want anything more when you will get restaurant, bar, combined gallery, café, event space with the servicing of fabulous food and drink in a wonderful setting? All these things are available in one-stop venue Proud Archivist situated on the Regent’s Canal near to Haggerston Overground Station. The Proud Archivist has been built upon a versatile and engaging concept where the design and program have seen superbly echoed, emulated and revived with the 17th and 18th century London’s tradition of coffee house.

The perfect amalgamation of a simple café, along with the bistro, gallery and library, the place is overlaid with different periphery of culture and community programming in order to represent the passion and interest of nearby people.

The place remains open seven days of the week ensuring that you will eat here, drink here, get entertained and educated here through the exhibitions and events. Right from the kitchen of the Proud Archivist, you will experience the modern British cuisines for your breakfast, lunch or dinner prepared with the principles of sustainability and seasonality.