Quality Broadcasting of the Online Radio

Since 2010, Red Light Radio has been entertaining the music lovers of Amsterdam with the entire range of world class music. It is the online radio station started broadcasting from the former prostitution window which was situated in the red light area of Amsterdam. After its journey of 5 years, now it has been considered as one of the top rated online radio stations catering the music lovers’ urge for music with the different types of genres such as obscurest afro, the coldest wave, the latest electronics, the blackest metal, jazz, rock, hip-hop, disco, boogie, garage, experimental and what not!

Red Light Radio maintain its status as the ultimate destination of world class music in Amsterdam with various sessions of Converse Red Light Radio participated by numerous international and local bands, international DJs, radio makers, musicians and music lovers. Now the converse sessions has been also conducted outside the studio as far as the Converse Rubber Tracks recording studio in New York during CMJ, Austin Texas as the part of SXAW Converse FADER Fort and also few special known places in Amsterdam.