Meidlinger Hauptstraße 27,
1120 Wien,
+43 676 4123555

© Image courtesy of Red Room

Red Room  – A heady mix of cocktail, music and design

Designed by architects Sohne and Partners, the futuristic looking club was inspired by a science fiction film, Space Odyssey. Covered mostly in red velvet, the interior resembles in part the floor of a discotheque and the roof of Kubrick’s spacecraft. The seating arrangement consists of scattered red poufs that can be moved.

The floor is lighted and made of translucent glass. It lends an air of lightness and expanse. The walls, ceiling and furniture all in red are in stark contrast to the white floor, tables and other white features in the bar, including the DJ’s desk.

The bar is located in the basement of Comida Restaurant. Red Room offers a choicest range of cocktails and drinks that will satiate the jet-setters. It is visited by celebrities of the likes of Hubertus von Hohenlohe. Though the floor is where all the action takes place, the white ceiling with mirrored balls above creates an illusion of height and completes the nightclub look. Music is funky and theyplay everything from the oldies to the latest in disco.