When I Dance is a social documentary featuring four dancers from Israel, Spain and Italy interpreting the stories of refugees. The film has been nominated as best documentary at Social World Film Festival, with the screening taking place on 28th July 2016 in Vico Equens, Italy.

Daniela Lucato, Berlin-based director and producer of When I Dance, stated in an interview that this was all about the process and it was a real journey for her and the dancers: “There has been a change in all of my dancers, in the way they reflect about the refugees through their personal experiences, and we wanted the audience to experience this.”

She started the project, at the time called Connecting Fingers, through the appeal on Kickstarter, crowd founding website.  She says :” I wanted to follow the idea of using the body to represent a story. Many elements from the interviews I conducted with refugees combined to create a dramaturgy in a way that I did not expect. I did not know where it was leading, but I was interested in the process of how my dancers would get involved emotionally and physically, confronting themselves while interpreting stories which belong to other people. In analyzing this process, I realized that there is much more to discover. This is the how the idea of the film “When I Dance” was born.”

The project focuses on the work of the dancers being part in the performance “Connecting Fingers” that had its premiere in Berlin at the English Theatre in June,2015. The show shares stories from some refugees who live or have lived in camps outside Berlin. The refugees were interviewed about their personal lives, and they shared private anecdotes and political situations they experienced.

Through the interviews, every dancer interpreted in a solo or duo a specific dramaturgy written for him/her. The film explores how dancers prepare such performance, there are interviews with both the refugees from the campuses around Berlin and the dancers. Although the two parties never met as this was a logistical challenge, there is a strong emotional connection and a relationship between refugees and non-refugees (the dancers). The film offers a positive perspective for different cultures in a complex world we live now.

We wish Daniela and her team good luck!



Credits: Daniela Lucato  – Director/Editor/Producer,  Dancers: Liat Benattis, Nicola Campanelli, Ana Cotoré, Maia Pik, Roberta Ricci.   Choreographer Assistant: Alessio Trevisani

Cameraman: Jacopo Pantaleoni,Vlad Margulis, Simone Trotta, Ian Wood

Music:  David Travers

Sound Designer: Samuele Dessi

Colour: Felix Trolldenier/TROLLFILM

Cultural Mediator: Katrin Janetzki

Activist: Adeel Ahmed

Activist: Asif Gilani