Shop and run

If at the heart of Antwerp, there is any fashionable place that you are looking for, none other than Room National will be your best destination. The wonderful location of the place will make many of the area’s attractions accessible. For example, the hotel is just next door to the famous fashion museum MoMu and it is not even 300 meters away from central location of Antwerp Cathedral and Groenplaats. Moreover, if you wish to shop in Antwerp, probably it is the best location of the city as all the famous shops such as Copyright, Renaissance, Dries Van Noten and Diesel and so on are within the shortest walking distance. There is much more in the basket when you will find the lovely Vrijdagmarkt square, close to Kloosterstraat and the traffic free ‘Wilde Zee’ in the neighbourhood. Undoubtedly Room National has to be the perfect operation base for the stay in Antwerp.

Sophistication is the ultimate word that you can define about the hotel rooms where one room and two studio apartments have been decorated in 1960s style where you will be delighted to find the Japanese style wooden bathtub.