Sloane Square
London SW1W 8AS
United Kingdom
  +44 20 7565 5000

© Image courtesy of Royal Court Theatre

London’s edgy new writing powerhouse

The Royal Court Theatre, London’s premiere writing destination has made its reputation from 1950s since it was the synonymous with the Angry Young Men and kitchen sink dramas. It is the writers’ square and that’s why it is considered as the pioneer force in the world theatre with innumerous energetically cultivating writers who are established, undiscovered and new.

Since its foundation the Royal Court has been entertaining the new and inspiring audiences through the influencing and emerging writers by the forefront creation of restless, provocative and alert theatre. This theatre place struggles consistently to reinvent the ecology of theatre for all people. It is the venue for diverse conversations and debates where the writers get the platform to spread and resonate their ideas beyond the stage among the public to share their thoughts.

The Royal Court in Sloane Square, London is visited by more than 120,000 people each year and several others get the chance to see the works elsewhere through the transferring in New York and West End, residencies across London and national and international tours.