Behold the stunning photographic art created by the one and only Rus Anson. This Spanish born photographer studied advertising and graphic design in Barcelona, and quickly got employed by the advertising industry. She found the whole ordeal rather stressful so she decided that it might be a great idea to borrow a camera and enter a photo competition. The contest, put on by El Pais’s first prize was a camera. Her first camera actually. It was the sense of pride gained from this victory that motivated her to apply for a scholarship to a San Francisco University which was swiftly granted.

When it comes to photography, Anson’s admiration falls upon the work of Tim Walker and Paolo Roversi which seeded her preferred vibrant and colourful style. People often say that she has a lot of youthful vigour which shows itself in her photographs of children. Her kiddy pics are so sought after that she was hired to contribute to Guess Kids and her work was featured in the magazines Parents, Prevention and Babiekins. Her success with the kids comes from her willingness to get down on the floor and rock and roll with their games. The reward is a relaxed child ready to give you a natural smile for a damn good shot.

After her talent was becoming known to the world, she started working in New York, and she stayed there for two years before deciding that her fate lay in the city of Los Angeles. She preferred to work there because she had the opportunity to shoot wherever and whenever she wanted. However, LA has often been said to have diluted her style which she then admitted. The majority of her shots are now composed of fashion and style, which is certainly not lacking in LA. She claims that she does this in order to capture certain moments with beautiful woman. The reason she left New York was because all of the stylists and advertisers charged exceedingly high rates. In LA, there are more artists who are not just in it for the money, but will test each other’s talents and often collaborate on projects.

If you thought that this was the end of the line for Rus, then think again. She has already started to expand her horizons and engage with new ideas. She has only just concluded a campaign imaging architecture and interiors for a paint making company called Sherwin – Williams. It does not seem to matter where Rus puts her talents, she still manages to make people smile. Her methods of dealing with her subjects always involves being as nice to them as possible. This gains their trust and makes for better photographs. Every subject wants to feel important. Rus Anson always manages to express her cheerful personality through her photography. Her positivity simply radiates outwards. This has gained her more clients such as the towering Coca Cola brand. If you are accepted by them, then you will be accepted by anyone. It seems her nicey nicey approach works a dream.


© Image courtesy of Rus Anson