Karlsplatz 1, 1010
Wien, Austria

  + 43 676 4116116

© Image courtesy of SASS Music Club

The real musicality of Vienna

The local connoisseur picture of Vienna is gradually transforming with the oscillating sounds and subtle music programs of the SASS Music Club. From deep house to techno and disco, this music club is satisfying to an extensive array of music lovers for the last two years. When you will visit the place first, you will surely find a memorable experience with sophisticated atmosphere, rather than big disco feeling. It doesn’t matter for any of its visitors to come in hipster look or business suits, what matters to them is the unified feelings that the beat and the love of music generate among them.

When you enter into the club, you will be dumbstruck to find the thousands of crystals of light installation hanging from the ceiling. Then you will be more impressed to find yourself surrounded by gold leaf decorated walls. The most importantly- the music is so extraordinary that you cannot resist yourself from stepping with the great vibe as the music club uses the best sound system is the city. There is no doubt that you will feel interconnected with the djs and the present crowd with its extraordinary design, soothing ambience and superb quality of the music.