Love Your Feet

Passion for leather has been shown by the Scheer family for almost seven generations with specifically shoes. For custom made piece of leather, it can be considered as the ultimate choice for the people with fetish for shoes. Both anatomical and aesthetical standards are maintained minutely with these shoes. These shoes are hand crafted in order to bring exclusivity to each pair. From the workshop, about 300 pairs go out in the city. Utmost care is taken for the process of preservation.

Labor done for each pair of shoes can be reflected through its quality. Shoemakers devote minimum sixty hours every pair. Each and every part of the shoe is made with the hand. Thorough evaluation goes for determination of a foot. Therefore, optimum comfort can be guaranteed. Natural leather of highest quality has been utilized in the process.

As far as health concern, Scheer shoes have been considered as perfect one. It acts as a natural accompaniment for the feet. Foundation of the business has been created for the Scheer family through rich tradition. They have given new meaning to foot care through shoes.