Mainkai 4
60311 Frankfurt

© Image courtesy of Seven Swans

Nature Is On Your Table

The origin is good food is always associated with biologically good region. The same idea has been introduced in the kitchen of the famous restaurant Seven Swans in Frankfurt where you will be served the food far away from the pesticides and monoculture. The main secret of this restaurant’s quality food is the 30 kilometers away harvesting of the land Vordertaunus from where the vegetables and herbs lead to plan the monthly menus of fresh food of this restaurant. The unique combination of nature and restaurant business will give you the delicious taste of food as the product of permaculture.

Actually the harmonious combination of plants, landscape, animals and the eatery urge of humans is presented in front of your table in this restaurant where the main resource of its food is the ecology and social economy. The part of the restaurant interior has been remodeled as the honeybee colonies in order to give you a natural feel. So hurry up to experience the sprouting lush green garden full of nut bushes, fruit trees, climbing plants on your plate in Seven Swans.