Homage to history, modernity and technology

The Seven Stars Galleria is a hotel located on the floor of the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. It is a place where historical avant-garde design has been amalgamated with modern technologies. You will be amazed to see the 7 contemporary style suites along with the glorious Penthouse Galleria.

Mostly visited by the very privileged guests, the hotel is considered as one of the world’s rare 7 star hotels that guarantees its guests unparalleled luxury services and amazing experiences. Doesn’t it feel amazing when a Bentley will come to pick you from the airport when you decide to stay at SevenStars Galerria? And you will always be in the care of the private butler. The SevenStar Galerria is a name synonymous with sophistication, luxury and delight.

Celebrated architect Ettore Mocchetti created the design of the hotel. You can see typical Italian designs and styles used throughout the hotel building. The same standard has been maintained in the salon-restaurant.