Sophisticated luxury

Your Hamburg visit will not be completed until you step in the one and only 5 star design hotel in Hamburg- the one and only SIDE Hotel. Situated close to the Alster Lake and the prime city shopping malls, it is the ultimate place with the mingling of luxury, design, sophistication and wellness with lifestyle.

Experiencing the comfortable and unique design of its 178 generously decorated rooms you should not forget easily. Whatsoever, if you want to preserve from unforgettable experience of your lifetime from your Hamburg memoir, you must pamper yourself with the stay in the ‘flying suites’ from where you can grab the spectacular view above the rooftops skyline of Hamburg.

The entirely modern yet timeless design by Matteo Thun has created the spell of this hotel among its numerous visitors where along with the essential facilities they can enjoy the urban SIDE SPA including Jacuzzi, exfoliation and a hot tub and the Sky lounge. The hotel is nestled in the heart of Hamburg as it is just 5 minutes distance from train station, old Botanical Gardens, Colonnaden and Hamburger Gangeviertel.