Brunnstraße 7,
80331 München,
+49 89 24297777

© Image courtesy of Souve Store

The perfect store for accessorizing a man

The unique label of Souve Store is a famous name in the industry of bag makers. The famous journey of Souve Store was started in 2011 when the company opened its flagship store in Brunnstraße at the heart of Munich. The specialty of this store is that it superbly maintains the classical leather goods and stylish bags with exclusive designs that will certainly elevate the personality of a man. After all, in order to accessorize a man there is no better option than a perfect looking bag.

The store is immensely popular among the local for its wide-ranging exclusive bag collection as well as friendly staff who will be always happy to assist you. Moreover, you will also get the chance to choose various delicately handled gifts and goods such as sunglasses, liqueurs and design books produced by the same brand around the world. In Munich, you must consider this store as it has gained immense reputation in the bag industry for its long-lasting products, authentic style made by experienced artisanship. Beside its leather collection, you can also try different canvas leather bags.