All about alcohol in Swedish style

Spirits Museum is among those unique kinds of destinations in Sweden that you have never seen before. Located in the two remaining 18th-century naval buildings of Stockholm it is actually on the island of Djurgården. By utilizing the bittersweet relationship of the Swedish people with alcohol, the museum has been built that will facilitate you to experience the unforgettable journey of an individual from pain to pleasure, based on real life art, experience, scenery, scents and tastes.

This liquor museum consists of an enriched museum, tasting room, art gallery, bar, restaurant, a meeting place and shop. In several exhibitions organized by the museum, you will be able to explore the world of beer with the focus on Swedish ölhistoria, trends, culture, manufacturing, different types of beers such as malt and hops. In the exhibition, art and design objects collected within the period from 1986 to 1996 are presented wonderfully in the Absolut Art Collection by the interior designers Simon & Tomas.