Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 30-32,
70173 Stuttgart,

+49 711 47040250

© Image courtesy of Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Where art is called passion

Staatsgalerie Struttgart is an arts museum that houses a diverse range of artistic works, including sculptures, paintings and photographs. Though the museum’s concentration is on contemporary arts, yet it has successfully managed to collect traditional art pieces. It also features works of Henri Matisse and Picasso from the nude art era. Additionally, you will get to see the elegant permanent art collection of the museum, adding up to about 800 pieces.

Ranging from prints and drawings to photographs, you will also be fascinated by the extensive collection of 4000 sheets. The museum hosts about eight exhibitions every year.The museum also boasts 14th century cultural artifacts besides its modern collection. In other words, Staatsgalerie Struttgart has successfully created a fusion of modern and traditional art. Spanning over a 9,000 square metres area, covering the entire collection in one day is not possible.