The Perfect Place For Perfect Burger

STACH is the ultimate food shop for those who want to be seduced with the best citizens of the world with tasty burger. The place is specially known for its delicious pizzas; that’s why it has been chosen as the ‘citizen inspiration’ in London and New York. For all burger lovers, a perfect bite on the grain and own recipe, right proportionate of tomato, lettuce, homemade sweet onion chutney, ketchup, mayo and mustard will enough to made their day. If still your mouth is not watered by these yummy recipes, then you have to accept that it is no more.

Well, STACH is not only known for the delicious burgers, but also it sells the all fresh take away meals. Its special attraction is delicious flavoured coffee. Even based on the order you can grab different types of handmade chocolates, fresh breakfast granola’s (you are suggested to try the sugar free kokosyogurt granola), pie (also gluten- lactose- and sugar free), lemonades, detox juices and special beers and wines. All these are the perfect stuffs for an urban picnic. Because STACH knows that suits best to your taste.