Create a new and interesting story for yourself

In the coolest city of Sweden called Stockholm, you can find the hottest spots with Story Hotel. It offers an amazing opportunity to individual check in. Places of hangouts are crafted with graffiti. It has commissioned especially to increase appeal of the place naturally. Elegant bar can easily offer you delight. Swedish style of hospitality is presented with a dash of urban chic. Features of WiFi internet connection can be enjoyed throughout the hotel easily. Rooms are completely furnished with addition to flat screen and toiletries.
One of the best choices can be made within the sphere of Story Hotel through Attic Apartment. It has been completed with pantry, huge bathroom and spaces of workout. From the apartment, excellent view of Stockholm can be enjoyed quite easily. By staying the Lily Dam, you can enjoy the quirk style completely. Ease of hip flat can be enjoyed while living in a hotel. For the view of the city two balconies has been offered exclusively.  Comfortable clothing like trainer is considered apt to amalgamate with the local crowd completely. It is possible to visit the place with pet as it does not charge extra for the pets.