Via San Raffaele, 3,
20121 Milano,
+39 02 805081

© Image courtesy of STRAFhotel&bar

A hotel with minimalistic design and classic architecture

STRAF is located in the most envious place in Milan, only few steps from the Duomo cathedral and La Scala opera house. Famous Italian architect and fashion designer Vincenzo de Cotiis created the mesmerizing and monument-like architecture of the hotel.

If you have selected STRAFhotel&bar for your stay in Milan, you have made a judicious decision. You will take home memorable and delightful experiences from the hotel and from its surrounding. The warm, welcoming and tantalizing aura running through the hotel will make your visit the experience of a lifetime. The rooms are cosy and comfortable, and equipped with modern facilities. The hotel is unique in that the rooms boasts materials made of split slate, oxidized brass, burnished iron, scratched mirrors, and sheets of glass. The hotel has been dubbed as  “The Plastic Side of the Sea.”

The hotel has a total of 64 guest rooms that are designed in either light or dark colour palette, conveying intimacy that blends perfectly with the industrial design.